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Born in the Midwest with Southern-girl roots, Victoria Prather is a New York-based actor, writer, social media fanatic, foodie and mom of 3 children ages 4 to 23. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be on many local and international stages, film and television, to include co-hosting a morning radio program in Europe. Since a very young age and into her adult life, Victoria continuously involved herself on and off stage.

Victoria was nationally awarded for "Outstanding Achievement in Acting" from the American Association of Community Theatre in an annual AACT Fest for her portrayal of Nurse Susie Monahan in the prize-winning stage play, Wit. She also received additional awards as Best Supporting Actress in Wit at the Festival of One Acts in Heidelberg, Germany, and for Best Ensemble in Dancing at Lughnasa, as Rose Mundy.

An actress with 1,000 voices, those who know her talents, can attest: there is no limit to the amount of characters she can create, emulate or imitate. As a highly skilled voice over artist,
she continues to produce multiple voice-overs for industry productions.

Listen to voiceover demo below:


Formal education has been an essential and continual part of Victoria's training. Three university degrees include an MA in Human Relations/Communications, another graduate degree in education and technology management (M.Ed.) and a bachelors degree in the Arts and Cultural Studies.

Victoria continues to enroll in acting classes in the metro area. She also speaks fluent German and conversational Spanish, and can even pass as a British tourist on holiday --should the brilliant need arise.

This actor/writer/mom/wife/food blogger-hypenate lives happily in Manhattan with her husband, Steven, and pre-K mastermind, Jack Thomas (age 4), along with their two Chihuahuas, one Japanese Chin -and sometimes annoying- but two lovable cats.

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